Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coffee break

You speak through your eyes
as thes most wonderful creature does
and I can read what you are telling me now.
You are leaving me out of breath
How deep is the way you look into my eyes
how amazing is the way you freeze me without words.

Are you just in my mind?
Or is my imagination as Peter´s
Maybe this is another dream.
Has wonderland come?
How to know if all I see
is sweetness coming from your eyes.

Questions but not answers
Drops of honey while Im helping myself
You look at me but I cant look at you
I rather not try than try and miss
Because I´ve learnt that during coffee break
coffee is better without honey nor sugar.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

language I, languageII... languageVII...what a nightmare!

Orals, grammars, listenings

what else to expect?
I remember one of them 
you did it GREAT!
but you get a red...
Lets not say her name
but it starts with an A...

And how to forget!
error quizzes were they named
Yesterday I "go"
and  next language? ..."NO"

There comes the king 
Phrasal verb quiz
I got squished! 
We have been held up
and nobody called up
because they were cleaning up...
Come on! Lets put our feet up!

Couples or groups of four
If you don't make an effort
You wont get a four
So lets work on your attendance
sign up and finish up
show me your dictionary
You must be a teacher
do not wear that T-shirt.

Work on your workbook
And you`d better do it
because finals and Midterms 
are  nightmares
This is in real terms.

Do not be nervous!
NO more Fridays morning
NO more session rooms
NO more Racism videos
debates were not hilarious. 

It was just a nightmare!

Monday, July 5, 2010

For the warrior, there is no such thing as impossible love. He does not let himself be intimidated by silence, indifference or rejection. He knows that behind the mask of ice that people wear there exists a heart of fire.That is why the warrior risks more than others.He seeks tirelessly for someone’s love-even if this means often hearing the word "no",returning home defeated and feeling rejected in both body and soul. A warrior does not let himself become scared when he seeks what he needs. Without love he is nothing.

-Paulo Coelho-