Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the escape...

with my eyes closed I trusted in you...
I left everything behind
like I was blind.

with my eyes closed I loved you...
no matter how long I had to wait
you were my fate.

with my eyes closed I gave you my heart...
my hopes, my secrets-- at night,
I even  gave you my promises---they were bright.

Today, with my eyes closed I turn around 
I go away, avoid, elude, evade, escape...
 I put on... my self-protection cape.

by Tutinea ©

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yet in the plane, a bitter taste in my mouth, my heart beat risen,
 everything getting even worse -- the feeling of escaping.
Escape to know a whole new world,
from leaving my dusty country boots,
changing my culture, language, sceneries, people
but mostly, taking off the mask of a girl and changing it for a woman's.
A woman without parents, friends, siblings,
A woman alone in the big apple.

I  left my little South American  city, Valdivia,  
 arrived to the world's cosmopolitan capital.
I changed my rural roads, covered in dust
for streets with thousands of  modern vehicles.
The wooden houses were now impressive buildings,
and the echo of a flummox 2009
got sometimes confused with millions of voices, accents,
faces, skin colors, souls. 

It was a year spent in the most popular city
where countries around the world meet as brothers
where avenues separate china from Italy
and where a huge park looked like home.
For a whole year green trees were changed for green signs,
People -- walking souls -- always in a rush
It was New York  the city where my memories were left
and it is Valdivia were I bring them back.
by Tutinea ©

Monday, September 27, 2010

Once, I wanted to be a princess
once, I dreamed.

expected apparition

I saw your reflection on the mirror
and for a moment I thought you were real.
Then, I heard you whispering
but I couldn’t distinguish your voice.

I’ve formed a picture of you in my mind
And it’s not illusory.

My senses have become aware of you,
But it’s not what it appears to be.
The waiting room is still empty
And your transparent image
Spends years wandering and seeking.

Sadly, my soul hasn’t uncovered you yet.

As a conviction, I still pursue,
Chase, go for, seek, and look.
As an unshakable belief,
the immaterial part of me
doesn’t come to a halt.

What’s more, after erroneous findings,
I still believe in your existence, and nothing more.
by Tutinea ©

Friday, September 24, 2010

insideout feeling

hate, like flames in someone's eyes,
anger which  makes you want to hurt,
vexation provoked by fury,
and fury held inside.

The state of being annoyed,
displeasure arouse by grievance,
a taste of bitterness caused by outrage,
and outrage  internally kept.

maddening violence
aggravated by exasperation,
indignation evoked by irritation
and irritation born privately.
by Tutinea ©

Paramore- We Are Broken-

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Old me

Old me, I've been looking for you
for your naive thoughts, clean feelings, pure heart,
trustful words, sweet ayes,
and even for your immature comments.

Sometimes, hopes talk about you
and  smiles remember your good friendship,
the one you used to be.

Old me, when did you get lost?
Where did you go?
I've lost count of the times I've seen you
You just disappear as  vapor or fog.

Why did you decide to put your arms down
Who should I blame?
I know you are afraid to comeback,
Strength and trust you lack.

Old me, I'm calling your name,
awake from your sleep.
by Tutinea ©


Cuando lagrimas no salen y tus manos han caído. 
Allí tocas fondo. 
Cuando después de tantos amigos, ninguno queda. 
Careces de un aliento, una sonrisa, una palabra,
 un hombro, mas silencio es lo que obtienes. 
Allí tocas fondo. 
Cuando has cometido errores pero quieres levantarte y nadie acude.
Allí tocas fondo. 
Y en el fondo te das cuenta que estas solo
 y que Jesús es el único que puede ayudararte
by Tutinea ©

Verdict: GUILTY

Not feeling guilty, but with attitudes of a king

Not feeling guilty, but thinking he's a golden ring

Not feeling guilty I see his tail

Not feeling guilty he just deserves jail.
by Tutinea ©

Saturday, September 18, 2010


insatiable temptations...

There is poison on my lips, 
addictive as chocolate
but dangerous as a heart attack.
My slow movements can harm you,
but my breath can give you life.

Find intense sensuality irresistible
be brave and posses the jewel 
find the cure for this poison
but do not take too long 
or it will be taken away from you.

Be aware of  attractions
and  do not forget temptations
but overall, remember one fact,
strong feelings and affection are required.
by Tutinea ©


PORQUE don't you try?
Why don't you fight?
what is hard to get
It's the best to have!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The unpronounceable situation

Tell me how the echo of your emotions extinguished my cares about you,
or how your smiles, cries, worries are not mine anymore.
Tell me why the brightness of your eyes 
do not brighten up my world as it used to. 
Tell me how there is an empty space in my heart
which is waiting to be filled again
when did it happen?

It feels good but it tastes bad,
I can't pronounce what I shouldn't say
but I do not care anymore.
the magic is gone. 
by Tutinea ©

A moment to reflect..

Cars, cars, and more cars everywhere
there are as many as people walking
Sometimes I wonder if there are happy
or if they smile as part of their routine..
is there any goal in their lives?
Sometimes I just wonder.

I fall in deep thoughts as usual
and sometimes I fall out of place as well
but I always got woken by the sound of voices
no matter if I'm sited on a bench or in a stinky bus
Sometimes I just wonder.