Thursday, November 18, 2010

Between you and him

I see you crying and I wonder,
I wonder if I’m still your child,
Or maybe I’m now your friend,
I want to give you console
I want you to forget,
To love yourself
I want to show you, demonstrate
You’re still my mom, you’re still a woman.

I look at you and I see
How the years passed by
And you gave him everything you had
Youth, love, hopes, trust, life
I see how you turned into a rose
Fading, dying, vanishing
And how he, my dad, my superhero,
Has destroyed the one I love the most.

My heart says no, do not separate
I’m your child, keep us together
But I look at you both,
Two paths, two lives, two souls
You, blaming yourself, suffering
Him, trying to escape, no sense actions
But you have forgotten one thing
I’m still your child
and I'm between you and him.