Thursday, November 18, 2010

Between you and him

I see you crying and I wonder,
I wonder if I’m still your child,
Or maybe I’m now your friend,
I want to give you console
I want you to forget,
To love yourself
I want to show you, demonstrate
You’re still my mom, you’re still a woman.

I look at you and I see
How the years passed by
And you gave him everything you had
Youth, love, hopes, trust, life
I see how you turned into a rose
Fading, dying, vanishing
And how he, my dad, my superhero,
Has destroyed the one I love the most.

My heart says no, do not separate
I’m your child, keep us together
But I look at you both,
Two paths, two lives, two souls
You, blaming yourself, suffering
Him, trying to escape, no sense actions
But you have forgotten one thing
I’m still your child
and I'm between you and him.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Butterfly and Alligator

Alligator always thought he could fly
He wanted to have wings
Like a butterfly

Butterfly wanted to be strong
Have big teeth,
she had wishes underneath

Alligator wanted to swim in the air
Touch the clouds
Get out of his lair

Butterfly wished she could be an alligator
Not to fear
She had all clear

One day, they both met
 at the island place
what heartbreaking case!

Let’s change our bodies- they said.
Alligator tried to fly around
But he fell down

Butterfly tried to scare a giraffe
But that made animals  
Have a good laugh

After failing tries
they decided to live together
no matter the weather

Butterfly on alligator’s back
Didn’t feel a snack
But ready to attack

Alligator wearing wings,
felt like kings.
What  a wonderful thing. 

by Tutinea ©

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm naked...thirsty
in front of your presence
with no words in my mouth
no wishes, no hopes
nothing to offer.

I'm naked...lost
my heart is empty
and my white clothes
have been removed
and I'm cold and tired.

I'm naked...needy
begging for your compassion
with nothing to hide,
here is the little girl-naked-
do you remember her?

I'm naked-waiting-freezing
where are your wings?
cover me!
where is the water?
give me to drink

I'm naked...unfilled
screaming in silence
where is the bread?
I'm--in your presence--naked.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The other one (your mistress)

before I die
I will breath
understand the whys
I see  this is not love
you lie and I let you do it
I'm between you and her
hidden as a shadow
reduce to a  microbe
a cockroach trying to pleasure you
my mind, heart, body
fighting in a civil war
sometimes my mind wins 
but you start the fight again
and my weakness is your best weapon

I've forgotten myself
what do I deserve?
I see you and her
but not me
not even on a picture
the weekend girl
the other one
the one you want but not enough
and I'm dying
my soul is consumed
I don't have tears left
my body has become my enemy
and every Monday
I hate myself
I call for help

I'm still here
waiting, what?
you...a wake up
I'm between your body and heart
you and her
but me? where is my heart
I don't see my eyes
reduce to nothing
feeling a piece of... fire
burning inside
with my lips closed, 
my tongue stuck
my thoughts forgotten
my feelings lost.

by Tutinea ©

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

citrus game

You get on my nerves,
you make me walk back and forth
pull my hair off
and even  yell
you make me blame myself
not knowing why
but I let you play
hate or love?
that's the game
Suddenly, a smile on my face
I feel silly, I protest
you like the hate
that seems to be cute
but I try to be hard
hard to get,
this is...
an endless game.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


full bloom tulips
powerful breeze
colorful days
your coming from the north
they gave you back

magical sensation
smiles and laughs 
wonderful rainbows
your coming from the north
you are in your track

water and sunshine
early mornings
endless days
your coming from the north
light now they lack

Summer, my dear friend,
you're back

Thursday, October 14, 2010


One day,
I will touch the sky
Have wings to fly.
One day,
I will jump the gap
Be free to nap.
One day,
I will smile forever
Create a new knowledge level.
One day,
 I will spin around
Bounce with my crown.
One day,
I will have a big grin on my face
Be full of grace.
by Tutinea ©

She (a bubble world)

She is wild but romantic
She speaks nonsense 
but she’s funny
She has a free soul,
But she falls in love too fast
Making a slave of herself.

She doesn’t speak out her mind
She usually keeps in silence,
 Letting her thoughts be free.
She looks for that perfect blue prince
The one she heard in Spanish fairy tales.
She’s a child in a woman’s body.

She still has that naive look
She’s neither beautiful nor ugly,
She wonders what beauty really is.
She gives up before she tries.
And let things pass by.
Still she is a girl with dreams.

She sings with a marvelous tone,
 her voice is like sugary melody.
And some have been enthralled 
by her walking attitude.
She smiles hiding deep fears
But she knows she’s a strong soul.

She is confident and trustful
But she sometimes can be a hater.
She believes in people
but let down easily.
She is a special human being.
She can give more than she receives.

She is the girl in a bubble world.

by Tutinea ©

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I’m faking and my lips are lying

My eyes do not say I love you anymore
But I need you.
My mind doesn’t want you to leave
But my heart does not want to stay
I can’t see myself alone
And I can’t let you go
But keeping you inside,
Has become an imaginary situation.

I’m faking and my lips are lying

My fondness cannot see you suffering
And my soul does not want to hurt you, 
But the magic affection has become extinct.
Truth and Falsehood are sharing the same bed,
Each of them trying to stay longer.
Evasion and prevarication decided to stay long time ago,
But today, without feeling remorse
I have decided not to fake anymore.

I’m not faking and my lips are telling the truth.
by Tutinea ©

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My passive ugly truth

I created this poem to teach passive voice in an ESL class in Chile  (English as a foreign 

My heart was broken,
By the sound of your eyes
No words will be spoken,
I will be wise.

Your expressions destroyed my hopes,
My trust is vanished, 
You have put me against the ropes
by the end of the day, I will be banished.

Give me one moment to believe
Now my thoughts are awaken
I know you have to leave,
I will be forsaken.
by Tutinea ©

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Never Forget

Never forget that I was your angel
That your tears fell when you saw me crying
Never forget that you hugged me
When I needed comfort.

Never forget that I was your angel.

Never forget that you were like home
When my beloved ones were so far
Never forget that you filled my heart with your love
When the ugly monster lied.

Never forget that I was your angel.

Never forget that I was your child,
That I loved the seed of your womb.
Never forget that you covered me with gifts
Gifts that I will always keep.

Never forget that I was your angel.

Never forget that on February the second
Our souls were separated by distance
Never forget  my humble spirit
And if you ever hear my spirit walking in the house….

Never forget that I was your angel.
by Tutinea ©

I don't know you yet

Sometimes I look for you at night,
And every now and again I wonder what you look like
or what are you doing while I write.

Once in a while, I take long walks
And I think of you.

Sometimes I wish I knew your name
Or the city in which you live
Occasionally, while I look through the window,
I picture you in my mind.

Once in a while, when the rain wets my thoughts,
I dream of you.

by Tutinea ©

Meany passion

Touch me with the fire that your eyes reflect,
And with the intensity that is willing to protect.
Burn me inside with your promises,
Come, do what your passion says.

I let you take me out of this place,
Before I disease--I want to see us embrace.
Break down the space in distance,
Let’s sweeten our existence.

My mouth is dry and needy,
Wake up your breath greedy.
Do not wait and hold me tight,
I’m already addicted to your bite.

I’m waiting for you to come
and give of that discharge some.
Don’t leave me in an agony and pain,
In my life you can reign.

(For you my meany)

by Tutinea ©

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Incapable twenty four

Twenty four years looking for perfection
But all I’ve gotten is rejection.
Refusing to believe
I know they always deceive.

Twenty four years and my heart has been broken up
Like bubbles, sometimes, they just pump up.
My world has been crushed down
But my head has faced the town.

Twenty four years and I’m still waiting,
but now, I feel like hating.
I want to be hold
Cause I see my hopes to get old.

Twenty four years and no one has really fought
Some of them, misery have brought.
Incapable is how I feel
And It doesn’t feel real.

Twenty four years and I still wonder
Is there any thunder?
Someone who can leave everything to follow my soul
Dry my tears and give me console.

Twenty four years and I don’t know what I lack
That they always take their promises back.
Incapable of being loved
It’s not something I feel proud of.

by Tutinea ©

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the escape...

with my eyes closed I trusted in you...
I left everything behind
like I was blind.

with my eyes closed I loved you...
no matter how long I had to wait
you were my fate.

with my eyes closed I gave you my heart...
my hopes, my secrets-- at night,
I even  gave you my promises---they were bright.

Today, with my eyes closed I turn around 
I go away, avoid, elude, evade, escape...
 I put on... my self-protection cape.

by Tutinea ©

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yet in the plane, a bitter taste in my mouth, my heart beat risen,
 everything getting even worse -- the feeling of escaping.
Escape to know a whole new world,
from leaving my dusty country boots,
changing my culture, language, sceneries, people
but mostly, taking off the mask of a girl and changing it for a woman's.
A woman without parents, friends, siblings,
A woman alone in the big apple.

I  left my little South American  city, Valdivia,  
 arrived to the world's cosmopolitan capital.
I changed my rural roads, covered in dust
for streets with thousands of  modern vehicles.
The wooden houses were now impressive buildings,
and the echo of a flummox 2009
got sometimes confused with millions of voices, accents,
faces, skin colors, souls. 

It was a year spent in the most popular city
where countries around the world meet as brothers
where avenues separate china from Italy
and where a huge park looked like home.
For a whole year green trees were changed for green signs,
People -- walking souls -- always in a rush
It was New York  the city where my memories were left
and it is Valdivia were I bring them back.
by Tutinea ©

Monday, September 27, 2010

Once, I wanted to be a princess
once, I dreamed.

expected apparition

I saw your reflection on the mirror
and for a moment I thought you were real.
Then, I heard you whispering
but I couldn’t distinguish your voice.

I’ve formed a picture of you in my mind
And it’s not illusory.

My senses have become aware of you,
But it’s not what it appears to be.
The waiting room is still empty
And your transparent image
Spends years wandering and seeking.

Sadly, my soul hasn’t uncovered you yet.

As a conviction, I still pursue,
Chase, go for, seek, and look.
As an unshakable belief,
the immaterial part of me
doesn’t come to a halt.

What’s more, after erroneous findings,
I still believe in your existence, and nothing more.
by Tutinea ©

Friday, September 24, 2010

insideout feeling

hate, like flames in someone's eyes,
anger which  makes you want to hurt,
vexation provoked by fury,
and fury held inside.

The state of being annoyed,
displeasure arouse by grievance,
a taste of bitterness caused by outrage,
and outrage  internally kept.

maddening violence
aggravated by exasperation,
indignation evoked by irritation
and irritation born privately.
by Tutinea ©

Paramore- We Are Broken-

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Old me

Old me, I've been looking for you
for your naive thoughts, clean feelings, pure heart,
trustful words, sweet ayes,
and even for your immature comments.

Sometimes, hopes talk about you
and  smiles remember your good friendship,
the one you used to be.

Old me, when did you get lost?
Where did you go?
I've lost count of the times I've seen you
You just disappear as  vapor or fog.

Why did you decide to put your arms down
Who should I blame?
I know you are afraid to comeback,
Strength and trust you lack.

Old me, I'm calling your name,
awake from your sleep.
by Tutinea ©


Cuando lagrimas no salen y tus manos han caído. 
Allí tocas fondo. 
Cuando después de tantos amigos, ninguno queda. 
Careces de un aliento, una sonrisa, una palabra,
 un hombro, mas silencio es lo que obtienes. 
Allí tocas fondo. 
Cuando has cometido errores pero quieres levantarte y nadie acude.
Allí tocas fondo. 
Y en el fondo te das cuenta que estas solo
 y que Jesús es el único que puede ayudararte
by Tutinea ©

Verdict: GUILTY

Not feeling guilty, but with attitudes of a king

Not feeling guilty, but thinking he's a golden ring

Not feeling guilty I see his tail

Not feeling guilty he just deserves jail.
by Tutinea ©

Saturday, September 18, 2010


insatiable temptations...

There is poison on my lips, 
addictive as chocolate
but dangerous as a heart attack.
My slow movements can harm you,
but my breath can give you life.

Find intense sensuality irresistible
be brave and posses the jewel 
find the cure for this poison
but do not take too long 
or it will be taken away from you.

Be aware of  attractions
and  do not forget temptations
but overall, remember one fact,
strong feelings and affection are required.
by Tutinea ©


PORQUE don't you try?
Why don't you fight?
what is hard to get
It's the best to have!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The unpronounceable situation

Tell me how the echo of your emotions extinguished my cares about you,
or how your smiles, cries, worries are not mine anymore.
Tell me why the brightness of your eyes 
do not brighten up my world as it used to. 
Tell me how there is an empty space in my heart
which is waiting to be filled again
when did it happen?

It feels good but it tastes bad,
I can't pronounce what I shouldn't say
but I do not care anymore.
the magic is gone. 
by Tutinea ©

A moment to reflect..

Cars, cars, and more cars everywhere
there are as many as people walking
Sometimes I wonder if there are happy
or if they smile as part of their routine..
is there any goal in their lives?
Sometimes I just wonder.

I fall in deep thoughts as usual
and sometimes I fall out of place as well
but I always got woken by the sound of voices
no matter if I'm sited on a bench or in a stinky bus
Sometimes I just wonder.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coffee break

You speak through your eyes
as thes most wonderful creature does
and I can read what you are telling me now.
You are leaving me out of breath
How deep is the way you look into my eyes
how amazing is the way you freeze me without words.

Are you just in my mind?
Or is my imagination as Peter´s
Maybe this is another dream.
Has wonderland come?
How to know if all I see
is sweetness coming from your eyes.

Questions but not answers
Drops of honey while Im helping myself
You look at me but I cant look at you
I rather not try than try and miss
Because I´ve learnt that during coffee break
coffee is better without honey nor sugar.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

language I, languageII... languageVII...what a nightmare!

Orals, grammars, listenings

what else to expect?
I remember one of them 
you did it GREAT!
but you get a red...
Lets not say her name
but it starts with an A...

And how to forget!
error quizzes were they named
Yesterday I "go"
and  next language? ..."NO"

There comes the king 
Phrasal verb quiz
I got squished! 
We have been held up
and nobody called up
because they were cleaning up...
Come on! Lets put our feet up!

Couples or groups of four
If you don't make an effort
You wont get a four
So lets work on your attendance
sign up and finish up
show me your dictionary
You must be a teacher
do not wear that T-shirt.

Work on your workbook
And you`d better do it
because finals and Midterms 
are  nightmares
This is in real terms.

Do not be nervous!
NO more Fridays morning
NO more session rooms
NO more Racism videos
debates were not hilarious. 

It was just a nightmare!

Monday, July 5, 2010

For the warrior, there is no such thing as impossible love. He does not let himself be intimidated by silence, indifference or rejection. He knows that behind the mask of ice that people wear there exists a heart of fire.That is why the warrior risks more than others.He seeks tirelessly for someone’s love-even if this means often hearing the word "no",returning home defeated and feeling rejected in both body and soul. A warrior does not let himself become scared when he seeks what he needs. Without love he is nothing.

-Paulo Coelho-

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

cover me

Taking hold of me, while Im moving through the ear
That is the way you love is...that is the way I feel.
uncertain are the plans that you have for me
but still I'm here, excited about unpredictable things
still here, trying to reach places where I've never been 
walking.... back and forth....looking for what has been promised, 
Hoping to see what has been expected.

Sometimes I have decided to leave, not to eat
Sometimes I've gone away, run, scaped
but I always comeback where strong feelings are found
I always comeback where I feel like a child.

I've promised, 
 I've told you that I will certainly do what you deserve
I've said  that I will follow you wherever you go
But today, on my knees,  I will ask you to see
what is not easy to observe
I'm asking you to cover my heart, mind and body with your strength
and  pour you love into my heart
God, today, I'm asking you.