Friday, April 9, 2010

The red broken shape

one broken, one delivered
what makes it so difficult?
Unpredictable to know
silence to expect
how fragile can it be,
how long can it take...

just a wind of words
destroyed what took years to built
just seconds of speech
saved their breath.

two different paths
separated by a card
each of them with a piece of the round shape
no one wants to keep the end
no one with the V-shape.

The red turned into black
and the two half circles
are no longer next to each other
the red organ shape,
broken from the top to the bottom.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

1 / 8 and 1 / 4

I am not suprised you came to visit
I am not surprised It hurts when I see you
maybe it is you who missed me
or maybe it was me who called you
but one thing I am sure
I do NOT want to know you.

This small piece is going to help me
This small piece every day.
One week, no longer than that
One week, and you will be less than a cat.

One every eight and one every four,
I swear I did it before.
This time I told you
I am not that old
You are just a cold.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Susurros (Spanish)

Como un cierto susurro
escucho tu nombre,
Una mañana de sol radiante
en donde los minutos cuentan,
lo que fue de antes.

Palabras nunca olvidadas,
Promesas esperando ser realizadas,
Suspiros hablando de un ayer
y un ayer queriendo ser un hoy.

Sonidos de conversaciones interminables
Gente pensando, gente hablando,
Un gorrión sobre una flor,
queriendo saciarse completamente de su olor.

Ventanas por cerrar
voces que se deben callar,
El sol es apagado, inesperado.
una nube que no advirtió de su estado.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Daily thoughts
Over and over again spread their rumors
Uncertain about things
But certain enough to believe
Take my reasons...I brush them aside
See?... they are just doubts.

by Tutinea ©

Friday, April 2, 2010

I say.."I love you"

How many times have you said "I love you"?
I guess more than you can remember.
Can you imagine people saying "I love you" instead of " Hello"
"I love you ", Whats your name?
"I love you", How are you?
What a crazy but sweet world it would be!

But, What does " Love" really mean?
Love is just a word...
Love involves emotions, feelings, thoughts, experiences, life...God.
Love brings the heaven to earth.
Love changes darkness into light.
Love is just a word of peace...
Just a word.

A word said for million of people
But practice for less than the half of one hundred.
Love, a word losing its meaning
But changing the way we show ourselves.
Love, just a word.

How important it would be,
To know that one can stop saying "I love you",
But make the word more meanful than ever.
Love is just to hug, cry, laugh, smile, kiss,
worship God.

Say "I love you" even if your lips cant be opened,
Say "I love you" when you dont know how to pronunce the words
Say "I love you"....It is more than words.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Perfect blue

Perfect blue sky
Breath deeply
Feelings and emotions disappear
Quiet and peace surround it

Perfect blue sky
Open arms...touch the wind
smile and laugh
Spin around and even jump

Perfect blue sky
Im up there
close your eyes...
Can you fly?

1.150 for a dream

Im gonna buy my death with 100 dollars,
My grave with 50 but I still have 1.000.
Im gonna buy another new years eve,
Penn Station, planes, snow, tickets back home
Water prove boots,
I have 500 dollars left.

I trade truth for lies,
A year for a day,
Light for shadow.
I trade your smile for my tears
Your love for my sorrows.
A day without doubts
I still have 200.

Im gonna buy a dream,
A dream where I have 1.150 dollars
Wake up, I just have 1 penny
Its not enough to buy a dream.