Friday, April 2, 2010

I say.."I love you"

How many times have you said "I love you"?
I guess more than you can remember.
Can you imagine people saying "I love you" instead of " Hello"
"I love you ", Whats your name?
"I love you", How are you?
What a crazy but sweet world it would be!

But, What does " Love" really mean?
Love is just a word...
Love involves emotions, feelings, thoughts, experiences, life...God.
Love brings the heaven to earth.
Love changes darkness into light.
Love is just a word of peace...
Just a word.

A word said for million of people
But practice for less than the half of one hundred.
Love, a word losing its meaning
But changing the way we show ourselves.
Love, just a word.

How important it would be,
To know that one can stop saying "I love you",
But make the word more meanful than ever.
Love is just to hug, cry, laugh, smile, kiss,
worship God.

Say "I love you" even if your lips cant be opened,
Say "I love you" when you dont know how to pronunce the words
Say "I love you"....It is more than words.

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