Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yet in the plane, a bitter taste in my mouth, my heart beat risen,
 everything getting even worse -- the feeling of escaping.
Escape to know a whole new world,
from leaving my dusty country boots,
changing my culture, language, sceneries, people
but mostly, taking off the mask of a girl and changing it for a woman's.
A woman without parents, friends, siblings,
A woman alone in the big apple.

I  left my little South American  city, Valdivia,  
 arrived to the world's cosmopolitan capital.
I changed my rural roads, covered in dust
for streets with thousands of  modern vehicles.
The wooden houses were now impressive buildings,
and the echo of a flummox 2009
got sometimes confused with millions of voices, accents,
faces, skin colors, souls. 

It was a year spent in the most popular city
where countries around the world meet as brothers
where avenues separate china from Italy
and where a huge park looked like home.
For a whole year green trees were changed for green signs,
People -- walking souls -- always in a rush
It was New York  the city where my memories were left
and it is Valdivia were I bring them back.
by Tutinea ©


  1. nice. i did an art tour in myc my senior yr of high school...great place...so much to see and do...cool to visit places like that and yeah we rbing back more than memories...nice one shot!

  2. I enjoyed reading this, it sounded such a transformational journey. I enjoyed the imagery. :-)

  3. oh i would love to visit new york - think it's an amazing place..regarding your post, it must have been a fantastic time for you..nice one shot..thanks for linking up!

  4. You left your memories in New York City? Is that like leaving your heart in San Francisco? (LOL!)

    Nice One Shot, Ruth!

  5. Its beautiful to contrast with city and the village and then add countries.. I like the way you projected concrete jungle... vivid... thanks for sharing...

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  6. NYC is one of my favorite cities on earth. I waited a long time to see it and I remember the excitement of seeing it for the first time. I grew up in a mid size Texas town. I stuck my head out the car window and said, "Oh look it's downtown everywhere you look!" I've been back many times. I was there 3 days after 9.11.01 and that was some experience too. I know you took a lot of that adventure and its energy home with you. Thanks for sharng. Gay @beachanny

  7. An unforgetable experience and journey captured through your lines. Thanks for a great One Shot!

  8. I love the big city but I long for the country simplicity. What a beautiful poem ful of emotion and impressions
    Excited that you have joined us at One Shot - Welcome

    Also excited that you submitted an entry. Thanks

    Moon greetings from the One Shot Team

  9. wow...how wondefully written..that year must have opened your eyes to a whole new world...great write and thanks for sharing with one shot..cheers pete

  10. This is beautiful. Really, really beautiful. Love and Light, Sender

  11. Nice, solid cultural bridging.

  12. One day i will crash on NYC for sure, i feel the city so much with your words :) in good command of your imagery, your thoughts are so much eloquent..:)
    thank you for sharing with one shot, powerful read:)