Monday, September 27, 2010

expected apparition

I saw your reflection on the mirror
and for a moment I thought you were real.
Then, I heard you whispering
but I couldn’t distinguish your voice.

I’ve formed a picture of you in my mind
And it’s not illusory.

My senses have become aware of you,
But it’s not what it appears to be.
The waiting room is still empty
And your transparent image
Spends years wandering and seeking.

Sadly, my soul hasn’t uncovered you yet.

As a conviction, I still pursue,
Chase, go for, seek, and look.
As an unshakable belief,
the immaterial part of me
doesn’t come to a halt.

What’s more, after erroneous findings,
I still believe in your existence, and nothing more.
by Tutinea ©

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