Friday, August 5, 2011

The truth

your words... YOU... stop!
don't you know that you're killing me
don't you know that you're not my friend
I don't need pieces of advice 
I want you to be silent 
I want to keep this moment in my memory
I don't want to cry
I only have to say good bye
...but it hurts...

You didn't come to me
It was me who run to you
and I accept my fault
but I need to heal now
I need to escape from my feelings
because I can't be silent anymore 
and I'm afraid
I'm afraid to let people see 
what it's inside of me
I'm afraid to let you see
how much I care for  you
how weak I've become.

please stop!
stop giving my love to someone else
because that breaks my heart into pieces
I rather going to the end of the world 
than realizing that I don't mean anything to you
please open your eyes!
but don't ask
cause I don't have the answers for what I feel
please realize!
today I've been defeated
My mind won and my heart is crying
for the unpredictable future.

The truth has came today
to let you know
that I can't go farther
that you are a silly
I was willing to forget the past
I was willing to start again
I was ... I was...believing...
but reality came to me one more time
to torture me 
to remind me
I wasn't made to love....and being love at the same time.

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