Wednesday, June 23, 2010

cover me

Taking hold of me, while Im moving through the ear
That is the way you love is...that is the way I feel.
uncertain are the plans that you have for me
but still I'm here, excited about unpredictable things
still here, trying to reach places where I've never been 
walking.... back and forth....looking for what has been promised, 
Hoping to see what has been expected.

Sometimes I have decided to leave, not to eat
Sometimes I've gone away, run, scaped
but I always comeback where strong feelings are found
I always comeback where I feel like a child.

I've promised, 
 I've told you that I will certainly do what you deserve
I've said  that I will follow you wherever you go
But today, on my knees,  I will ask you to see
what is not easy to observe
I'm asking you to cover my heart, mind and body with your strength
and  pour you love into my heart
God, today, I'm asking you.


  1. Nice poem!!
    dear friend!!!

  2. The most beautiful poem I have ever read :) I want it for me.