Monday, June 21, 2010

Little people

I´ve always thought that you are like superheroes
you can make the world turn around just with your smile
and the most frozen heart be broken with your suffering
You can fulfill wondering feelings
and give strength with the soft touch of your hands 
You, my superheroes,
 strong people living in little bodies.

Superheroes with the heaven in their hearts
but some of them condemn to live aside
Superheroes learning to walk 
but not knowing they will never finish their lesson
little people trying to know what old people don't know how to teach
super powers given to anonymous heroes.

Not before admiring your gifts
you are missing one of them
the gift of helping yourself
the gift of keeping your smile after you reach eighteen
If there is one present I could give them 
I would keep my little people
as the powerful superheroes they are.

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