Sunday, October 31, 2010

Butterfly and Alligator

Alligator always thought he could fly
He wanted to have wings
Like a butterfly

Butterfly wanted to be strong
Have big teeth,
she had wishes underneath

Alligator wanted to swim in the air
Touch the clouds
Get out of his lair

Butterfly wished she could be an alligator
Not to fear
She had all clear

One day, they both met
 at the island place
what heartbreaking case!

Let’s change our bodies- they said.
Alligator tried to fly around
But he fell down

Butterfly tried to scare a giraffe
But that made animals  
Have a good laugh

After failing tries
they decided to live together
no matter the weather

Butterfly on alligator’s back
Didn’t feel a snack
But ready to attack

Alligator wearing wings,
felt like kings.
What  a wonderful thing. 

by Tutinea ©


  1. The best of the bests!! I love it..

  2. Didn't like it...

    .. I loved it!!

    A deep-meaning fable. Think I should read it once a week to remember the reason for having friends around you.

  3. ah what a lovely poem about being content with what we are and rather look at our strengths than our weaknesses ...very nice and playfully written but with a deep meaning...loved it

  4. oh, my, love your work..
    your message is divine.

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  6. Funny and nice poem....just like you!!!!