Tuesday, October 19, 2010

citrus game

You get on my nerves,
you make me walk back and forth
pull my hair off
and even  yell
you make me blame myself
not knowing why
but I let you play
hate or love?
that's the game
Suddenly, a smile on my face
I feel silly, I protest
you like the hate
that seems to be cute
but I try to be hard
hard to get,
this is...
an endless game.


  1. this poem reflects how I feel about a person I know...I love it, it really makes me think about the things I do..it is sad but the truth...go on, u are great on this!!

  2. the sooner we manage to stop those kind of games..the better..though not always easy..

  3. sizzling piece.
    you make me cry.
    soaring talent,
    love your blog and everything here...